$9 for 2 Movie Tickets on Fandango!

9 06 2011

Waived service fee too!!! Paying $11 for movie tickets is super-whack-sauce… Get it for $4.50 each!


Please vote for me Embarassing Myself!!!

24 02 2011

When I went to the Autoshow this year I saw the Kia Karaoke booth and I had to do it. I made a huge fool of myself, but I had a lot of fun, and inadvertently entered myself into a contest to win a $5000 shopping spree at Best Buy.

I could really use a new laptop for school. So if you guys could vote for me, it would be much appreciated!

Link to video:

I hope you guys at least get a good laugh from it. So please vote for me, “like” the video, and if you could, share it on your Facebook and pass it on to your friends.

***Important. If the email link isn’t there after voting, check your SPAM filter!***


Yeah, I’m super cheesy in it. I had a lot of fun!

Thanks in advance everyone!

The 4 Types of Facebook statuses during sports events.

7 02 2011

1) “Did you see that play because I saw it too!”

2) “I’m making an ironic status by posting about the sporting event but not really posting about the sporting event.”

3) “I’m pissed at Type-1 and I’m letting you passively aggressively know it!”

4) “I’m doing something completely unrelated to the sports event, look how cool I am.”

Lack of posts.

14 04 2010

Sorry for the lack of posts folks. Big things have been happening. Been busy, busy, busy at the grind.

Updates to come!

My friend is on his way to becoming an internet meme.

24 02 2010

All of this started in December 2009, when we found out about Chatroulette on notfwd.com. A thread was started… and 63,000+ views and counting later, the rest is history.

Seen most recently on Tosh.0!!!

Future internet meme.

I’d Like to Thank McDonalds and Einstein Bros. for my free breakfast this morning.

28 01 2010

Free Mocha Latte (I got a free coupon in the mail for being a Discover Card user), and Free Asiago Bagel with Lox Schmear.

It was delicious. That is all.

R2D2: Free 2010 Chicago Auto Show Tickets!!!

25 01 2010

Thank you Chevrolet and Government Motors!

1. Click on link