(FOR SALE) So many books! So many VHS tapes! aaahhhh!111!!11

27 03 2008

So I started this little internet business because I needed to organize some clutter. I hate clutter by the way (more on that in later posts). I found a ton of books, text and otherwise that haven’t been opened in quite awhile, some decades, and others that were brand new. I decided to put them up online and start my own Amazon business.

Also in my cleaning endeavors, I went through our old DVD’s and VHS Cassettes. Many of those are up too.

I’m glad to say, the clutter is much less, and I’ve moved a lot of merchandise. Sometimes it feels like it’s too slow…blah! Eventually, I’ll donate the stuff to charity.

Half.com Shop     Amazon.com Storefront

Buy something?





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