(FOR SALE) Flexy-style Camera Tripod

5 04 2008

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Flexy Tripod

These are great. You can mount your camera almost anywhere with these things! Realllllllly suuuuper flexy! I tested this out with my Canon Rebel 350D, and it works with it, but just barely. It would work great with small point and shoots, even larger “prosumer” style cameras, and even lightweight camcorders. It is an “off-white”/gray color.

I have a strong feeling that these are simply Joby GorillaPod rebrands. They look exactly the same, and have the same mounting design to the last detail. Those retail for $25

If you’re looking to buy directly from here, I’m looking for $19 (+3% Paypal) shipped anywhere in the US and APO/FPO. I will ship to other countries, but it’s more expensive.

You can send a PayPal payment to RichiesRandoms@gmail.com. It would be best to email me beforehand, just to make 100% sure I have it in stock. Use my Half.com or Amazon.com links if you want to use a Credit Card.

Get flexible today!



  • Availability: 4/6
  • Condition: Super-NEW-tastic!!!





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