Welcome to Failtown: Local Service Department Blows!!!!

18 04 2008

Northbrook Toyota Service FAILS

I know, harsh words. But read on for my reasoning.


One day, I called to ask how much an extra set of keys for the “MR-2 Spyder” would cost. The lady on the other end asked “are you sure that’s a Toyota?” When I finally got some parts prices, it was absurd. About $100 for the key (it is a chipped key, mind you), and $40 for cut and program. In my experience, and those of others, good dealers do this as a courtesy. Strike 1.


Even though they were already on think ice in my book, I went in one day to have them check on the faulty hood latch TSB, and to check if my MR-S had the keyless entry. According to SpyderChat, I do. I have the flashing light on the dash, and a sticker in each window saying, “Toyota Security System”. I Thought this would take about 20 minutes, 45 max. I was there for almost 2 hours. This wasn’t some busy time either. It was an early Thursday afternoon, with 2 other people in the waiting room. Those two people were mom’s getting oil changes and got there after me. In fact, they left before I did.

When the service guy finally got back to me in the waiting room, he said the hood latch was $150+ and the install was $40. He forgot to check the keyless entry for me. He went to go check it, this took him all of 5 minutes. He said the car didn’t have it (I was skeptical), then he goes on to try to sell me on an aftermarket keyless entry for $300 or with the alarm option for $400. I was firmly raising the BS-Flag at this point. I wanted to get my ass out of there as soon as possible, but it took another 15 minutes for the cashier to ring me up. By now, I was surprised they didn’t give me some sort of $40 “estimate charge…” Strike 2.


I asked the guy afterwards, “Since this is a TSB…” then he cut me off. “3 years 36000 miles.” I would’ve gone on to say, “and a factory defect there’d at least be a discounted fee, if not free-of-charge?” but he didn’t let me finish.

Don’t ever give business to this hole of a service department. I think they’re trying to make money off of parts sales, as I’ve heard of others getting keys for $38 cut/programmed. And they have absurd pricing on simple service. $40 to cut and program a key!?

There was no rapport in this place. Not like a good shop, where you can talk to the guys in the Service Department and see what’s going on with your car. This place on the other hand, was cold and ignoring.

My sneaking suspicion is that because they are situated in an affluent community, they can nickel-and-dime you to death, and Mr. and Mrs. Northshore won’t notice a $450 charge when you just go in for an oil change… as long as you “explain” it to them. In fact, I witnessed this first hand. 

The lady before me in the cashier line was appalled at her almost $500 bill. She had just come in for a scheduled service. She was contesting the charge, but then the tech guy came in and “explained” it to her saying that the car was just recently out of warranty. She sighed and signed at the X. Strike 3.


In my opinion, the Northbrook Toyota Service Department fails on all levels.

Not all Dealerships and Stealerships… but this one is.





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