Rant #1

17 07 2008

My amazon marketplace store got shut down :(. Thanks to amazon.com’s bogus A-Z Guarantee, and stupid consumers.

This A-Z Guarantee is great… for buyers, but it royally shaft’s those of us who sell. I know I’m not the only one who feels this way. Many sellers on Amazon write about this on amazon.com’s messageboards, and the feeling is all the same. We get kicked in the ass because of dumb consumers who dont read product descriptions.

I’m throwing up a huge middle finger in the air to these dumb consumers. Why can’t you people read the item descriptions before clicking on “buy???” Too often, I get idiots who buy my items, but do not read the description, and a week or two later, I get an email from amazon from the customer. Most of the time I can work it out by offering a partial refund, but sometimes I get the jerks who want to draw it out for weeks through the A-Z Guarantee. I really don’t want the item back, and both buyer and seller lose money this way.

Amazon needs a seller-protection-plan. If idiot consumers aren’t smart enough to read the description, dont make the seller foot the bill! How are we as sellers going to know if the buyer will send the item back? I know I’m waiting for some items still, and these buyers have their refunded money, and my item!

Why can’t selling items online be what it once was? Not only amazon, but ebay and countless others have made it so complex and money hungry. Maybe it’s time to get out of the biz, or create my own store, no amazon or ebay strings attached.




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