So many apps!!!!!

30 07 2008

Another post coming from my iPhone.

Some people may know that I run my iPhone jailbroken and on the T-Mobile network. I am proud to report that I have had go issues with it at all.

I’m running version 2.0 firmware on it. I like it a lot. The only problem is that a lot of the jailbroken apps aren’t ported yet. I do have all the ones available (I have the NES emulator but I still need to upload roms).

Anyway, onto the post… I’ve been scouring the app store for all the free apps. I now have nearly 10 pages worth of apps on my iPhone. Everything from Shazam (awesome music tagger) to Facebook to Tap Tap Revenge (DDR and guitar hero like rhythm game). I’ve already trimmed down some of the stupid ones like the flashlight apps (got a jailbreak app that does it brighter) and the yes/no app.

It is kinda annoying that you have to register with a lot of things to use certain apps, but I guess it is okay.

Look for future posts on my favorite apps both app store and jailbreak.

Until next time,

Btw… Gotta love crappy iPhone pics.





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