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31 03 2009

I am currently in my sociology class, you know the class which test I had to finish? I finished it by the way. Yay!!!

My sociology teacher is such a dick. It’s hilarious. He has pretty much the worst wardrobe of any teacher I’ve had in recent history.

God, I have such a big headache right now and I have a another hour and a half of his rambling. And the kicker? This isn’t the end of my day… I have work afterwards!

Until next time.

Under pressure.

31 03 2009

I’m currently finishing a take-home test for one of my classes during another class… SHIT!

Not to mention, I’m also blogging this, haha.

Keep your eyes peeled!

27 03 2009

I need to get off of my butt and post up all of this good shizz I’ve got to sell. I have a couple laptop’s, widescreen lcd’s, computer parts, rock band, and car parts to sell.

They’ll be posted up VERRRRYYY soon!

R2D2 032709 – Cheap Motorcycle Gear!

27 03 2009

AlpineStars stuff is up to 74% off jacket w00t!

Teknic X-Ray Gloves $10 (normally 70)

cheap gloves

If I hadn’t just gotten equally good deals from, I’d be picking up a couple things.

Hint: always check the discount coupon sites to get an extra boost in value. And shipping is free on all orders over $75

Happy Hunting!

I have an idiot friend who’s name rhymes with Shmallen.

26 03 2009

Rant time…

I’ve got this buddy of mine who’s my age, but he acts like he’s 12 years old (on a good day). Sometimes I don’t know why I tolerate his B.S. He lives outside of his means, and I know if it weren’t for his parent’s supporting him and his idiot ways, he’d be lost.

He needs to grow up a little bit. He always talks about stupid shit, and always had a half-baked idea in his head. This week, he wants to buy (buy “he” i mean his dad) an E30 BMW M3. For those who don’t know, it was BMW’s first M3 and it pulls quite a premium in the used car market. Anywhere from $15k for a crappy kept model, all the way up to $40k for one in minty condition.

Anyway, my friend is unemployed, living at home, going to school part-time, and has 3 cars. 2 of which are broke like a joke, and aren’t fixed because he obviously has no money to fix them, and is waiting for his dad to bail him out.

Sure I’m a little jealous that his dad spoils him like this, but it’s also funny because his dad is cheap. So all the cars he owns were bought “cheap” and have various problems. Humorously, this has made each car cost a lot more than an equivalent “clean titled, regular market” car of the same make/model/year. To his “defense,” one

R2D2 032409 James Bond Ultimate Collection! $90 shipped!

24 03 2009

Blogging in Class?

24 03 2009

Hells yeah. Getting it done.



And here’s a hot babe with a google shirt on. Yes, I am feeling lucky.