Live-Blogging Game 6 Bulls/Celtics (Triple Overtime)

30 04 2009

9:40pm CST – Triple Overtime? Is this a Bulls strategy? Wear out the old Celtics?

9:42pm CST – Davis and Pierce w/ 5 fouls each… get them out of here!

9:43pm CST – Bulls get the tip…. D-Rose w/ a jumper.

9:44pm CST – Jeez… I hope my laptop’s battery doesn’t run out.

9:44pm CST – Bulls turnover…. just take it up!

9:46pm CST – Celtics turnover!… Kirk misses the free throw.

9:47pm CST – Rose misses the J. DRIVE THE BALL!!!

9:48pm CST – Tied again…

9:49pm CST – NO MORE J’s! They aren’t working… Travel on the Celtics…

9:51pm CST – Plugged in the laptop…. Sloppy… getting tired.

9:52pm CST – NOAH WITH THE DUNK!!!! Pierce fouls out!!!

9:52pm CST – Noah rocks the 3 point play… epic win.

9:55pm CST – This game is CRAZY!

9:55pm CST – Celtics with the long 2… Bulls with a 20 second time out.

9:57pm CST – Big Baby fouls out… hell yeah. B. Miller takes one for the team.

9:58pm CST -B-Rad Miller sinks them both.

10:00pm CST – 127 128 Bulls. Still an eternity left.

10:01pm CST – Hinrich missed the easy layup… 😦

10:02pm CST – My heart is pumping crazy-style… i need some meds.


10:04pm CST – Rose bricks the 1st one…. and 2…

10:05pm CST – BULLSSSSS WIINNNNNNN!!!!!!! 127-128

here it is, game 7, here we come.

HOLY CRAP, this game started 4 hours ago.

btw, i feel sorry for any fans of any other teams in the playoffs that had to wait until the bulls/celtics finished. lol.

Live-Blogging Game 6 Bulls/Celtics (Double Overtime)

30 04 2009

9:14pm CST – 109 all.

9:15pm CST – Young Bulls > Old Celtics

9:17pm CST – Fishy draws the foul from Pierce (his 5th). Fishy drains both.

9:18pm CST – Ray Allen misses the 3. But Big Baby is steppin up. 😦


9:19pm CST – Celts w/ the 24 second violation.

9:20pm CST – Loose Ball Foul on Perkins… he’s out.

9:21pm CST – SALMONS FOR THE LAYUP…. best trade we ever made.

9:23pm CST – 52 points in the paint from the Bulls. yeah.

9:24pm CST – Anyone notice Fish Stick’s resemblance to Wesley Snipes?

9:24pm CST – Ray Allen looses the ball!

9:25pm CST – Hahahahahah, the Celtics are tired. OLD AND TIRED! Their shots won’t drop!

9:27pm CST – Bulls need to score on this possession.

9:28pm CST – Wesley Snipes misses the trey! 😦

9:30pm CST –  Ray Allen, for the long 2… fack.

9:32pm CST – “keep on running it back guys, they’re looking at our monitor.”-Stacy King – come on, it was on the line!

9:34pm CST – Brad Miller gets fouled. Don’t let me down.

9:35pm CST – Brad Miller fouled again. Glen Davis w/ 5 fouls… And B.Miller sinks ’em both.

9:37pm CST – Salmons w/ his 3rd foul…

9:38pm CST -Ray Allen for the 3… again. “Are you kidding me???”– Neil Funk

9:38pm CST – All tied up, 118 all. 7 seconds left…. Bulls have a shot.

9:39pm CST – Holy Crap… Triple overtime.

Live-Blogging Game 6 Bulls/Celtics (Overtime)

30 04 2009

Overtime? Again?

8:55pm CST – Bulls get the OT tip off.

8:56pm CST – Fish Sticks drove to the hole, and got 2. See how easy it is?

8:57pm CST – Step it up Bulls, STEP IT UP!

8:59pm CST – Pierce with the foul… Miller comes up BIG!

9:00pm CST – Brad Miller, all is forgiven for game 5.

9:02pm CST – DAMMIT! Ben Gordon fouled out. Paul Pierce w/ 2 shots.

9:03pm CST – I said, “NO MORE JUMPERS!!!”

9:04pm CST – Tie…again.

9:05pm CST – D.Rose, come on, no more stupid turnovers. T/O Celtics.

9:07pm CST – 43 seconds left in OT… Lets go Bulls.

9:08pm CST -20 second T/O Celtics… part of their game?

9:09pm CST – Glen Davis with a big 2 for the Celtics. 😦


9:12pm CST – Fish Sticks knows how to drive.

9:13pm CSt – Double overtime. 2nd time in the series.

Live-Blogging Game 6 Bulls/Celtics (4th Quarter)

30 04 2009

8:12pm CST – 1 quarter away Bulls, 1 quarter away…

8:15pm CST – Miller travelling… come on man!

8:15pm CST – Miller got his swag back! 3 point play!

8:15pm CST – Bulls up by 10… Alley Oop… by 12! and a foul!

8:17pm CST – Tyrus Thomas with a DUNK! and Celts take a T/O.

8:22pm CST – Perkins for 2… Perkins draws #4 on Tyrus.

8:23pm CST – Keep that lead up Bulls… keep it up.

8:24pm CST – B.Miller w/ his 4th foul. If you’re gonna do it, do it HARD.

8:25pm CST – Celtics on a 10-3 run… Bulls w/ a timeout.

8:29pm CST – DE-FENSE!

8:30pm CST – Come on Bulls, don’t fall apart now… Tied at 91. 57th tie of the series.

8:33pm CST- 4th turnover of the quarter? come on!

8:34pm CST – 5th foul on Gordon 😦 We can’t lose him… and now a T.

8:36pm CST- 18 unanswered points by the Celts 😦

8:39pm CST – It ain’f fallin w/ the J. Go INSIDE!

8:39pm CST – Hard foul on Rondo by B.Miller (his 5th)

8:40pm CST – Rondo missed both… and D-Rose w/ the layup!

8:41pm CST – See what happens when you go to the hole?!?!?!?!?

8:44pm CST – Fish Sticks w/ the 3 point play… 3 point game.

8:45pm CST – Drive Fish Sticks! Don’t jump!

8:46pm CST – B.Miller with a HUGE 3!


8:47pm CST – Brad Miller, he’s taking it up a notch.

8:49pm CST – We need some good D… Don’t let me down.

8:50pm CST – 101-101… 4 seconds left. BULLS BALL!

8:52pm CST – TAKE IT TO THE HOLE!!!!! … WTF B.G. You should’ve driven the ball!

8:53pm CST – 4th overtime in 6 games. most exciting series ever.

Live-Blogging Game 6 Bulls/Celtics (3rd Quarter)

30 04 2009

Continuation of Game 6’s Live-Blog.

7:26pm CST – Half Time… Pee Break…

7:42pm CST – Starting 2nd Half… Bos. Chi. Bost…. Chicago, Gordon w/ the 3!

7:44pm CST – Perkin’s w/ a dunk… lame.

7:45pm CST – Paul Pierce nose bleed.

7:46pm CST – Perkins sinks both free throws… Paul Pierce got taken to the locker room…

7:47pm CST – Rondo picks up a foul to rousing applause.

7:49pm CST – Tyrus Thomas w/ a drive to the basket!

7:50pm CST – Defensive 3 seconds on the Bulls 😦

7:51pm CST – Celtics w/ the shotclock violation! There’s the D.

7:52pm CST – Noah w/ an inside 2… Alley Ooop Celtics ugh… Noah w/ another inside 2.

7:53pm CST – Ray Allen air ball… muahaha. Celtics up by 1. 71-70.

7:56pm CST – Ray Allen denied the drive.

7:58pm CST – Tyrus w/ 4 fouls… benched for now.

7:59pm CST – Fish Stick’s w/ the 3 for 21 pts!

8:00pm CST – B.Miller w/ the open 2.

8:05pm CST – Traveling on Paul Pierce! Bulls coming up hard with that defense!

8:06pm CST – B.Miller sinks the 3. 4 of 4 shots… And then Cap’n Kirk for another 3!

8:07pm CST – Pierce misses the 1st free throw. Sinks the 2nd.

8:08pm CST – Noah w/ a big rebound… B.G goes down. 4th foul on Rondo.

8:09pm CST – Chicago ball w/ 5 seconds left.

8:10pm CST – Hinrich w/ the long 3 attempt… no dice. 76-83 Bulls. End of the 3rd.

Mad Swagger.

Mad Swagger.

Live-Blogging Game 6 Bulls/Celtics (1st Half)

30 04 2009

I just decided to live-blog this game…

BTW, I love how the Bulls fans boo Rondo everytime he gets the ball.

6:15pm CST – Bulls are dribbling the ball too much, tied up a 9 a piece. I’m glad the refs are calling shit this time tho….

6:17pm CST – D-Rose at the line for the 2nd time this game… Drains both.

6:18pm CST – Noah w/ 2 fouls already!!! WTF. Brad Miller in with applause. lol.

6:19pm CST – Brad Miller foul?!?!

6:20pm CST – Rondo w/ the easy layup…. D-Rose answering with the trey!!! Boston turnover! T/O Chicago.

6:22pm CST – “amazing” by Kanye West playing during NBA commercial… That song perfectly describes this series… 3 O/T’s? more than 80 lead changes? Yeah, amazing.

6:24pm CST – Back to action. Salmon’s with a 3!

6:25 pm CST – Big Baby fouls, gets replaced with the only guy on the Celtics who looks like one (white Irish Guy)

6:26pm CST – D-Rose for 2! Boston T/O. Time for commercial.

6:30pm CST – Finally, not letting Boston in the lane… Pierce sinks both, eww.

6:31pm CST – Fish Sticks with the tough 2! Guy can’t miss…. Paul Pierce for another 2, eww.

6:32pm CST – Cap’n Kirk is in!

6:33pm CST – Fish Sticks w/ the 3 point play!! … Thomas w/ the 2!

6:34pm CST – I think B.Miller is angry… 2nd offensive foul.

6:35pm CST – LMAO, my dad just said that Scalabrini looks like Will Ferrell in Semi-Pro…

6:36pm CST – Fish Sticks = player of the game so far.

6:36pm CST – WTF?!?! Offensive on Gordon?

6:37pm CST – Hinrich with the foul? … Noah w/ the F-Bomb on the bench.

6:38pm CST – Cap’n Kirk w/ the 2! Rondo and Kirk getting at it…. daaaannnngggggg.


6:41pm CST – Doc is pissed at Rondo…. crowd chanting “RONDOS OUT”

6:42pm CST – Still conferring……………….. Doc and Del Negro w/ the Refs.

6:42pm CST – Yes!!! Flagrant on Rondo… Technical on Kirk for retaliation… boo.

6:44pm CST – That’s right, bench that ass-hat Rondo.

6:45pm CST – This is gonna be a game full of whistles…. D-Rose sinks 2… end of 1st QT.

6:46pm CST – 26-37 Bulls at the end of the 1st. Fish Sticks with 16 points, hell yeah.

6:49pm CST – Start of 2. Kirk w/ 2!

6:52pm CST – Crap. Bulls turnover…. UGH! Don’t let them drive!

6:53pm CST – Gordon, 1 of 2 this trip to the line…

6:54pm CST – Good block Hinrich… 6 Turnovers Bulls??? C’Mon!

6:55pm CST – Tyrus gets fouled… and commercial.

6:58pm CST – Tyrus w/ the offensive foul…

6:59pm CST – Hinrich w/ the foul… Hinrich and Thomas benched…

7:01pm CST – Rose w/ the big 2… and Gordon w/ 2.

7:02pm CST – Rondo 0/3 lol. Rose w/ another 2! Celtics timeout… hahaha 🙂

7:05pm CST – Brad Miller got a Technical!?!?!?! For what?!?!?!

7:06pm CST – We gotta hold Ray Allen’s points… already has 22 points wtf.

7:08pm CST – Gordon w/ the over-dribble.

7:08pm CST – Celtics w/ the 8-0 run… and it’s a 2 point game.

7:09pm CST – Where’s the D, Chicago?

7:10pm CST – 50 all… Where did that 13 point lead go?

7:14pm CST – At least the bulls are shooting 61% vs the Celt’s 49%.

7:15pm CST – BIG 2 by Rose!

7:16pm CST – Paul Pierce with the foul… Lindsey Hunter sinks 1 of 2.

7:17pm CST – Ray Allen again? 29 pts.

7:18pm CST – Big Baby pile drove into Kirk… 3rd foul… you know what this means? Bulls need to drive to the hole.

7:19pm CST – D Rose with a HUGE 2. T/O Celtics… With 15.4 seconds left in the half.

7:21pm CST – Hunter fouled Paul Pierce w/ .02 left.

7:22pm CST – Pierce sinks 2. End of the 1st half. 57-59 Bulls.

“Nice Shirt” X

30 04 2009

Not only does this one have flowers on it… It has leaves and other foliage too!!!