Busy days.

14 04 2009
Lately, my life has pretty crazy. With school, work, and squeezing in time for exercise, I’ve had barely any time to breath. I’ve still managed to spend time with family and friends, but some of the “me time” has been slipping out of reach.
I’ll get home, and I’m downright pooped. I’ll watch a little TV, and then I’ll either crash on the couch, or trudge to my bed. I haven’t had a day to relax in about a month now. In fact, I’m just squeezing in this blog post before work.
For the most part, everything is in balance, and everything has been pretty good. Pretty soon I’ll have all this crazy scheduling down, and I’ll make time for everything. From simple chores like laundry, to getting that paper done for school, and everything in between, I’ll have that schedule down like Chinatown.



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