Live-Blogging Game 6 Bulls/Celtics (3rd Quarter)

30 04 2009

Continuation of Game 6’s Live-Blog.

7:26pm CST – Half Time… Pee Break…

7:42pm CST – Starting 2nd Half… Bos. Chi. Bost…. Chicago, Gordon w/ the 3!

7:44pm CST – Perkin’s w/ a dunk… lame.

7:45pm CST – Paul Pierce nose bleed.

7:46pm CST – Perkins sinks both free throws… Paul Pierce got taken to the locker room…

7:47pm CST – Rondo picks up a foul to rousing applause.

7:49pm CST – Tyrus Thomas w/ a drive to the basket!

7:50pm CST – Defensive 3 seconds on the Bulls 😦

7:51pm CST – Celtics w/ the shotclock violation! There’s the D.

7:52pm CST – Noah w/ an inside 2… Alley Ooop Celtics ugh… Noah w/ another inside 2.

7:53pm CST – Ray Allen air ball… muahaha. Celtics up by 1. 71-70.

7:56pm CST – Ray Allen denied the drive.

7:58pm CST – Tyrus w/ 4 fouls… benched for now.

7:59pm CST – Fish Stick’s w/ the 3 for 21 pts!

8:00pm CST – B.Miller w/ the open 2.

8:05pm CST – Traveling on Paul Pierce! Bulls coming up hard with that defense!

8:06pm CST – B.Miller sinks the 3. 4 of 4 shots… And then Cap’n Kirk for another 3!

8:07pm CST – Pierce misses the 1st free throw. Sinks the 2nd.

8:08pm CST – Noah w/ a big rebound… B.G goes down. 4th foul on Rondo.

8:09pm CST – Chicago ball w/ 5 seconds left.

8:10pm CST – Hinrich w/ the long 3 attempt… no dice. 76-83 Bulls. End of the 3rd.

Mad Swagger.

Mad Swagger.




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