Live-Blogging Game 6 Bulls/Celtics (Overtime)

30 04 2009

Overtime? Again?

8:55pm CST – Bulls get the OT tip off.

8:56pm CST – Fish Sticks drove to the hole, and got 2. See how easy it is?

8:57pm CST – Step it up Bulls, STEP IT UP!

8:59pm CST – Pierce with the foul… Miller comes up BIG!

9:00pm CST – Brad Miller, all is forgiven for game 5.

9:02pm CST – DAMMIT! Ben Gordon fouled out. Paul Pierce w/ 2 shots.

9:03pm CST – I said, “NO MORE JUMPERS!!!”

9:04pm CST – Tie…again.

9:05pm CST – D.Rose, come on, no more stupid turnovers. T/O Celtics.

9:07pm CST – 43 seconds left in OT… Lets go Bulls.

9:08pm CST -20 second T/O Celtics… part of their game?

9:09pm CST – Glen Davis with a big 2 for the Celtics. 😦


9:12pm CST – Fish Sticks knows how to drive.

9:13pm CSt – Double overtime. 2nd time in the series.




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