Live-Blogging Game 6 Bulls/Celtics (Triple Overtime)

30 04 2009

9:40pm CST – Triple Overtime? Is this a Bulls strategy? Wear out the old Celtics?

9:42pm CST – Davis and Pierce w/ 5 fouls each… get them out of here!

9:43pm CST – Bulls get the tip…. D-Rose w/ a jumper.

9:44pm CST – Jeez… I hope my laptop’s battery doesn’t run out.

9:44pm CST – Bulls turnover…. just take it up!

9:46pm CST – Celtics turnover!… Kirk misses the free throw.

9:47pm CST – Rose misses the J. DRIVE THE BALL!!!

9:48pm CST – Tied again…

9:49pm CST – NO MORE J’s! They aren’t working… Travel on the Celtics…

9:51pm CST – Plugged in the laptop…. Sloppy… getting tired.

9:52pm CST – NOAH WITH THE DUNK!!!! Pierce fouls out!!!

9:52pm CST – Noah rocks the 3 point play… epic win.

9:55pm CST – This game is CRAZY!

9:55pm CST – Celtics with the long 2… Bulls with a 20 second time out.

9:57pm CST – Big Baby fouls out… hell yeah. B. Miller takes one for the team.

9:58pm CST -B-Rad Miller sinks them both.

10:00pm CST – 127 128 Bulls. Still an eternity left.

10:01pm CST – Hinrich missed the easy layup… 😦

10:02pm CST – My heart is pumping crazy-style… i need some meds.


10:04pm CST – Rose bricks the 1st one…. and 2…

10:05pm CST – BULLSSSSS WIINNNNNNN!!!!!!! 127-128

here it is, game 7, here we come.

HOLY CRAP, this game started 4 hours ago.

btw, i feel sorry for any fans of any other teams in the playoffs that had to wait until the bulls/celtics finished. lol.




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