Live-Blogging Game 6 Bulls/Celtics (1st Half)

30 04 2009

I just decided to live-blog this game…

BTW, I love how the Bulls fans boo Rondo everytime he gets the ball.

6:15pm CST – Bulls are dribbling the ball too much, tied up a 9 a piece. I’m glad the refs are calling shit this time tho….

6:17pm CST – D-Rose at the line for the 2nd time this game… Drains both.

6:18pm CST – Noah w/ 2 fouls already!!! WTF. Brad Miller in with applause. lol.

6:19pm CST – Brad Miller foul?!?!

6:20pm CST – Rondo w/ the easy layup…. D-Rose answering with the trey!!! Boston turnover! T/O Chicago.

6:22pm CST – “amazing” by Kanye West playing during NBA commercial… That song perfectly describes this series… 3 O/T’s? more than 80 lead changes? Yeah, amazing.

6:24pm CST – Back to action. Salmon’s with a 3!

6:25 pm CST – Big Baby fouls, gets replaced with the only guy on the Celtics who looks like one (white Irish Guy)

6:26pm CST – D-Rose for 2! Boston T/O. Time for commercial.

6:30pm CST – Finally, not letting Boston in the lane… Pierce sinks both, eww.

6:31pm CST – Fish Sticks with the tough 2! Guy can’t miss…. Paul Pierce for another 2, eww.

6:32pm CST – Cap’n Kirk is in!

6:33pm CST – Fish Sticks w/ the 3 point play!! … Thomas w/ the 2!

6:34pm CST – I think B.Miller is angry… 2nd offensive foul.

6:35pm CST – LMAO, my dad just said that Scalabrini looks like Will Ferrell in Semi-Pro…

6:36pm CST – Fish Sticks = player of the game so far.

6:36pm CST – WTF?!?! Offensive on Gordon?

6:37pm CST – Hinrich with the foul? … Noah w/ the F-Bomb on the bench.

6:38pm CST – Cap’n Kirk w/ the 2! Rondo and Kirk getting at it…. daaaannnngggggg.


6:41pm CST – Doc is pissed at Rondo…. crowd chanting “RONDOS OUT”

6:42pm CST – Still conferring……………….. Doc and Del Negro w/ the Refs.

6:42pm CST – Yes!!! Flagrant on Rondo… Technical on Kirk for retaliation… boo.

6:44pm CST – That’s right, bench that ass-hat Rondo.

6:45pm CST – This is gonna be a game full of whistles…. D-Rose sinks 2… end of 1st QT.

6:46pm CST – 26-37 Bulls at the end of the 1st. Fish Sticks with 16 points, hell yeah.

6:49pm CST – Start of 2. Kirk w/ 2!

6:52pm CST – Crap. Bulls turnover…. UGH! Don’t let them drive!

6:53pm CST – Gordon, 1 of 2 this trip to the line…

6:54pm CST – Good block Hinrich… 6 Turnovers Bulls??? C’Mon!

6:55pm CST – Tyrus gets fouled… and commercial.

6:58pm CST – Tyrus w/ the offensive foul…

6:59pm CST – Hinrich w/ the foul… Hinrich and Thomas benched…

7:01pm CST – Rose w/ the big 2… and Gordon w/ 2.

7:02pm CST – Rondo 0/3 lol. Rose w/ another 2! Celtics timeout… hahaha 🙂

7:05pm CST – Brad Miller got a Technical!?!?!?! For what?!?!?!

7:06pm CST – We gotta hold Ray Allen’s points… already has 22 points wtf.

7:08pm CST – Gordon w/ the over-dribble.

7:08pm CST – Celtics w/ the 8-0 run… and it’s a 2 point game.

7:09pm CST – Where’s the D, Chicago?

7:10pm CST – 50 all… Where did that 13 point lead go?

7:14pm CST – At least the bulls are shooting 61% vs the Celt’s 49%.

7:15pm CST – BIG 2 by Rose!

7:16pm CST – Paul Pierce with the foul… Lindsey Hunter sinks 1 of 2.

7:17pm CST – Ray Allen again? 29 pts.

7:18pm CST – Big Baby pile drove into Kirk… 3rd foul… you know what this means? Bulls need to drive to the hole.

7:19pm CST – D Rose with a HUGE 2. T/O Celtics… With 15.4 seconds left in the half.

7:21pm CST – Hunter fouled Paul Pierce w/ .02 left.

7:22pm CST – Pierce sinks 2. End of the 1st half. 57-59 Bulls.




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