Yesterday, I ate for free!

30 04 2009

Domino’s Pizza had free pasta bread bowls yesterday from 11am – 2pm. I got out of work early and had one of my homies pick me up from work, and we hit up not one, but two Dominos’ for a total of four pasta bread bowls.

It was hot on my lap.

It was hot on my lap.

Before you say it, we’re not huge fat-asses… I couldn’t finish one pasta bowl, and neither could my friend. And as I type this, there is still one sitting in my fridge at home.

It was pretty good.

It was pretty good.


It was delicious but I wouldn’t pay $5.99 for one… but then again, I’m hella cheap.

For dessert later that night, me and the boys enjoyed some 31-cent Baskin Robbins… Good shizzz. (how is 31 cents free you ask? i drove my buddy there, so he paid… whoo!).




2 responses

12 05 2009
12 05 2009

that’s why you don’t eat it everyday, or once a week, or even once a month…

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