Cheap-Ass Flicks

6 06 2009

As my loyal readers, you guys know that I’m pretty thrifty and frugal with my money. The same goes for watching movies. If I see a preview for a movie, and decide I want to see it, I subconsciously place it into one of three categorys.

1. “Must See” (aka within 1 or 2 weeks of open)

2. “2nd Run” (aka wait a couple months, save a few bucks)

3. “DVD or TV” (aka DVD or TV)

The 2nd-run movie theater (aka Cheap-Ass Flicks) is one of my favorite places to catch some cinema. The place is convienient for me, only a 15 minute drive. The movie theater is clean (some 2nd-run venues can be really grimy). And of course, the price is right ($2 anytime, $1.50 Tuesdays).

For me, most “bro movies” (Pineapple Express, I Love You Man, 40 Year Old Virgin) fall into “Cheap-Ass Flicks.” They look hilarious, but not worth a 10 spot.  Movies that fall into “must see” for me include most superhero movies. For DVD or TV movies, my feeling is, “eh, I’ll catch it when I catch it.”

When you go to the Cheap-Ass Flicks in your neighborhood, go with some buddies and make a night out of it. Go see the flick, and then grab some cheap, greasy food afterwards. You’ll come home, pants still heavy with money. This place might not be a place to take someone on a first date… but then again, movie dates are kinda lame.




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