Cheap-Ass Flicks: “I Love You, Man”

10 06 2009

I saw this movie last Friday night at the “Cheap-Ass Flicks” with some of my homies.

Lemme just get this out of the way now… $2.00 very well spent.

Quick Plot: Guy (Paul Rudd) proposes to girl (Rashida “epic hottie” Jones). Guy overhears girl talking to girlfriends about how guy has no male friends.  Mucho hilarity ensues as Guy meets his Bro (Jason Segel). A lovely bromance blossoms.

“I Love You, Man” isn’t super-heavy on plot, but there is enough between jokes to make the movie whole.

The cast of this movie meshes so well together. The funny from Jason Segel and Paul Rudd are expected, but it’s the supporting cast that brings it all together. The casting of Jon Favreau in this movie was excellent. He’s such a prick in this movie, and it’s simply awesome. Two words describe his character… “Projectile Vomit.”

Paul Rudd’s mannerisms are hilarious. The way he does certain things just get you to chuckle. He plays an excellent “straight-man w/ comedic tendencies.”

Everything from Jason Segel’s wardrobe, to his “guy who doesn’t care, but really does care” persona is great. He owned this role. I’m just surprised we didn’t see his schlong this time around.

Rashida Jones… what can I say. She is smokin’. That is all.

I highly reccomend this movie to anyone who loves comedies. The movie isn’t overly vulgar, so families with older teens can go together. This movie is one that I could see myself watching a couple of times over. Once it hits HBO, it’ll be on my DVR for awhile.




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