My Cash 4 Clunker Approved!

24 09 2009
party wagon says goodbye to party van.

party wagon says goodbye to party van.

Yeah, so I just get a call yesterday from the car dealership that the car I bought in late July finally got approved for the Cash 4 Clunkers rebate.

I guess that’s nice? The car’s only seen 1000 miles thus far. Been riding my motorcycle too much!

I love college

9 09 2009

Random chick in my religion class. She has pink panties. Enough said.

Three for Free today!!!

1 09 2009



Free Gyro’s Day Today! (chicago-area only)
(thanks Eastman!)

Free Baja Fresh (today 2-5pm)
Become a fan on FB, print out page, show ID at Baja Fresh
(thanks Spoofee)

Free Taco Bell Frutista Freeze (until Dec. 31)
(thanks Free Stuff Times)