Fresh Kicks – Nike Hyperdunks

9 05 2009

Copped these today for a killer price. They’re going to be my outdoor basketball beaters this summer. I hooped in them literally 30 minutes after buying them and all the hype is for real. They are strong, light, provide great support, and are super comfortable.

Fresh Kicks – Jordan Aqua VIII Retro

1 05 2009

These are my holy grails. I had these kicks when I was a kid, and they hold a special place in my heart.

The Aqua 8’s were worn during en-route to the Bulls’ 3rd World Championship. There were only 3 original colorways of the 8’s. A white-based shoe that was worn during the regular season, a black-based shoe worn during the playoffs, and these Aquas that MJ wore during that years NBA All-Star game.

So fresh, so comfy, huarache inner sock, cross-straps. UGH. Mad-awesomeness.

My favs EVER!

My favs EVER!

Cheap-ass Kicks (Today Only!!!)

30 04 2009

Circa shoes up to 73% off at 6pm. Tons of kicks for under $20, and only $7 for shipping!

Get at that!

Fresh Kicks – Spiz’ike Cements

29 04 2009

A mashup of different Jordan’s, the Spiz’ikes are a love hate shoe. They’re inspired by the Mars Blackmon/Spike Lee era of the Jordans.  I like these, and they look dope. Shoes with plastic wings are full of win.

Fresh Kicks – Nike 6.0 Air Mogan

24 04 2009

I like these, pretty comfy. They are good for the first few hours of wearing, but then they cut a bit into my left foot (it’s a bit bigger than my right).

My first pair of Mogan’s I got in like ’06. they’re Black/Red-Plaid. I love how every pair comes with 2 sets of laces. Zoom Air keeps it comfy and springy. These are now one of my beaters.



My new Mogans have a more traditional colorway, White/Black/True Red. These are nice, and it was nice to have a fresh pair on my feet again.

Fresh Kicks – NB 1306’s

17 04 2009

What a debacle to get these shoes… UGH… Totally worth it though.

I got 2 pairs of these, one pair is for work only, and the 2nd pair is for general usage.

When I first ordered these, they were too small :(. I’m so thankful that the place I got them from online have a B&M counterpart. I was able to return/exchange them. The store had my right size for 1 of the pairs. They fit perfect, and I took those home, the 2nd pair I got sent to my house. Those fit perfect as well!

That wasn’t the best part… There was a cute girl who worked there, and she was the one who helped me out. We struck a conversation about fresh kicks,  and I got her number. Magic.

Work only kicks.

Work only kicks.

White patent leather = hot sauze.

White patent leather = hot sauze.

Fresh Kicks – Fila 4 Club High

16 04 2009

Colorway, Black/Black/Black. It’s shiny black, but i dont think it’s patent leather.

A bit retro-ish, a bit contemporary, all dopeness.