R2D2 x2! Free Taco Bell, Free Einstein Bagel w/ Schmear!

25 01 2010

Print out for free Fresco Taco (looks like you can print as many as you want)

Become a Fan on Facebook on Einstein Bagels, and get a coupon for a free bagel and schmear!

Get your free on!

Both expire January 31, 2010.

Three for Free today!!!

1 09 2009

from kronosproducts.com

from kronosproducts.com

Free Gyro’s Day Today! (chicago-area only)
(thanks Eastman!)

Free Baja Fresh (today 2-5pm)
Become a fan on FB, print out page, show ID at Baja Fresh
(thanks Spoofee)

Free Taco Bell Frutista Freeze (until Dec. 31)
(thanks Free Stuff Times)

Spaghetti with Hot Dogs: A Filipino Party Staple

7 06 2009

So weird, but soooooooo good. It tastes completely different from traditional Spaghetti… Sweeter, less tomatoey, and full of that Oscar Meyer awesome!

I’m posting this from the party by the way.

The pic is from the shindig, and I know it’s technically mosticolli…

Lotte Pepero Almond

1 06 2009

Almondy, chocolatey, breadstick-ey, crunchy, soft… delicious.

Kinda like Pocky, but this is better. HANDS DOWN.

Tako Chips – Octopus Flavored

25 05 2009

It tastes weird. Not too heavy on the octopus,  but it’s sweet. Awkward… Only for the brave (or asian).

Shrimp Snacks – Original Flavor

18 05 2009

Shrimpy, but no too shrimpy. Good crunch and tastes good with a Coke. Highly recommended.


Hello Boss

11 05 2009

It’s boss. Light and delicious. If you have the means, I highly reccomend picking one up (bonus points if you get the reference)