April Fools… awesome-sauce.

2 04 2008

Rick Roll!

I had wanted to Rick-Roll everyone for April Fools, unfortunately, so did everyone else. YouTube, ThinkGeek, they both Rick-Roll’d ya.

It’s all good, I got a bunch of people, whether it be through IM or on forums. it was good times! Got a bunch of people multiple times.

I don’t just send people to the YouTube link either, I send them to my favorite “browser-crasher” Rick-Roll. I don’t know why people don’t like the song that much, I find it to be quite catchy. The campiness of the video is classic too! You haters should take the time and just watch the video sometime!

I also would find myself using the Rick-Roll prank dialer. It’s hard to know if it works 100% of the time, but the image in your head is good enough.

Rick-Roll “browser-crasher” – ***use at your own risk***

Standard YouGotRickRolled link.

I heart the Rick-Roll.