Super pumped for GLDrift.

19 10 2009

I’ll be driving this thing. Pics and vids will be posted after the event!


Nice Shirt 17

31 08 2009

It looks like a grey poinsetta today. Interesting…

Nice Shirt 16

26 08 2009

Plaid now? WTF? Step it up teach!

Nice Shirt 15 (itttttssss baaacckkk!)

24 08 2009

Yep. I am taking another class with this professor! I will have 16 weeks full of awesome. I look forward to the new slew of shirts and this coming semester.

“Nice Shirt” 14 (possibly the last)

14 05 2009

This might be the last nice shirt post until the fall. Class is over!!!

Maybe I’ll get a quirky professor during summer classes? Here’s to hoping.

“Nice Shirt” X

30 04 2009

Not only does this one have flowers on it… It has leaves and other foliage too!!!

Google is so versatile.

2 04 2009

I had no freaking idea.

Check out your settings in gmail, and even searches. It’s pretty dope.

so versatile.

so versatile.

btw. i use a mac, this is from class… lol.