Funny Kid

17 04 2009

So it was my pop’s birthday a couple weeks ago, and we all went out to dinner.

A source of much hilarity that night was this kid sitting across from us eating dinner with his family.

He was so into eating his crab legs, and the way he did it was hilarious. His head kinda looked like a jack-o-lantern with ears. LOL. I’d post a video, but that’d be mean.

Good times.

Funny Kid

Richie’s Randoms turns 1 year old! (+1 month)

14 04 2009

Wow. Time flies. I had no idea that I had this blog for over a year already. 1 Year + 1 month exactly today.

I originally opened up this blog to post up my stuff for sale “random stuff.” And it’s evolved into a site about my random goings-ons, as well as random deals I’ve found, as well as what I have for sale.

To those who’ve been reading, thanks for taking part of my little slice of the web. For the new readers, I promise this site will be more awesome than ever.

Lets eat some imaginary cake together.