Lack of posts.

14 04 2010

Sorry for the lack of posts folks. Big things have been happening. Been busy, busy, busy at the grind.

Updates to come!


Good Morning, Blogosphere!

14 03 2008
Hello vast, virtual world! I am Richie, and this is my first endeavor in blogging.

I’ve started up this blog first off to keep up on the many item’s that I have for sale, most of which are on websites such as,,, and I needed a way to keep it all consolidated, and a blog will help me do that.

I will also be posting on random things. Anything I want to. Hence the name “Richie’s Randoms.” It refers to the randomness of the things I have to sell, and the randomness of my blog-entries.

I’ll be posting as frequently as I can.

See you on the interwebs!