Jedi Abby?

16 04 2009

This is my neice during Easter. So pensive, so thoughtful, so Jedi. Technically she’d be a youngling… maybe a padawan, but that’s just me being a dork.

It was awesome.


Happy Easter! – to those who celebrate…

23 03 2008

Easter Sunday, what a good day it is. Although this easter was quite sunny, it was also heinously cold. My family started out the day going to a nice little brunch place called Rise & Dine. It’s in a neighboring community, and was only 5 minutes away.

jesus sez

Next came Easter Sunday Mass. It’s always a good feeling to go to Church wearing your best. Afterwards, it was time to start preparing for dinner. We had to make a last minute run to Dominick’sย for some ingredients. I had decided after church to make some hot wings and biscuits as my addition to the meal. Let’s just say my Mom wasn’t too pleased when I told her about my plans.

Turned out that the wings and biscuits were a huge hit, and I have a feeling the family will be clamoring for more when we gather next!

To those who celebrated, hope you had a Kick-Ass-Easter!


P.S. I can’t believe I had the energy to post this… I am pooped.