13 05 2009

Ever since the weather in the Chi decided to play nice, All I’ve wanted to do was play outdoor hoops. Every chance I get I go out, and play with whoever will play with me. After class, after work… anytime. During class and during work, all I’m thinking about is when am I going to get to play some hoop next.

The first time I decided to outdoor-hoop this year, I was peeved… I couldn’t find my basketball, so I went and bought one just so I could play.

One day, I played ball 4 different times. It was glorious. I hope my body starts to adapt to the new regimen. I’ve been working out 3 times a week, but playing basketball uses those muscle groups differently. I love the soreness, but sometimes it’s just too much.

Ah… Summertime in the Chi, it’s coming…

Fresh Kicks – Nike Hyperdunks

9 05 2009

Copped these today for a killer price. They’re going to be my outdoor basketball beaters this summer. I hooped in them literally 30 minutes after buying them and all the hype is for real. They are strong, light, provide great support, and are super comfortable.

Fresh Kicks – Nike 6.0 Air Mogan

24 04 2009

I like these, pretty comfy. They are good for the first few hours of wearing, but then they cut a bit into my left foot (it’s a bit bigger than my right).

My first pair of Mogan’s I got in like ’06. they’re Black/Red-Plaid. I love how every pair comes with 2 sets of laces. Zoom Air keeps it comfy and springy. These are now one of my beaters.



My new Mogans have a more traditional colorway, White/Black/True Red. These are nice, and it was nice to have a fresh pair on my feet again.

Everyone knows…

19 04 2009

that hoverboards don’t work on water… unless you have POWWEEEERRRRRRR!!!!

no power.