Please vote for me Embarassing Myself!!!

24 02 2011

When I went to the Autoshow this year I saw the Kia Karaoke booth and I had to do it. I made a huge fool of myself, but I had a lot of fun, and inadvertently entered myself into a contest to win a $5000 shopping spree at Best Buy.

I could really use a new laptop for school. So if you guys could vote for me, it would be much appreciated!

Link to video:

I hope you guys at least get a good laugh from it. So please vote for me, “like” the video, and if you could, share it on your Facebook and pass it on to your friends.

***Important. If the email link isn’t there after voting, check your SPAM filter!***


Yeah, I’m super cheesy in it. I had a lot of fun!

Thanks in advance everyone!

My friend is on his way to becoming an internet meme.

24 02 2010

All of this started in December 2009, when we found out about Chatroulette on A thread was started… and 63,000+ views and counting later, the rest is history.

Seen most recently on Tosh.0!!!

Future internet meme.

Super pumped for GLDrift.

19 10 2009

I’ll be driving this thing. Pics and vids will be posted after the event!’s first meet ’09

27 04 2009

It was crazy. Chicago’s bi-polar weather struck that day. The day before was glorious, 80 degrees, sunny, beautiful. The day of the meet… Gloomy, 37 degrees, thunderstorms. The weather didn’t matter, we had to meet up. The cabin fever over the winter had just become too much.

The turnout was great. Dare I say amazing considering the shit-tastic weather. We had about 15 cars at max, and most of us stayed for the drive (through the downpour), all the way to getting some eats afterwards.

The most exciting part of the meet was during the downpour, when you could only see 1 car ahead of you, and barely a car behind you. You had to drive with instinct, with trust, and it was such a cool feeling. Your heart was pumping a bit, the windshield wipers at max, that right foot working in cooperation with your left, and your hands, both shifting and steering.

I have to say that it was one of the best cruises I’d ever been on… or maybe that’s just the cabin fever talking.

Pics to follow….

-Rich meets have started!!!!

28 04 2008

I love rolling out every Saturday and driving with these guys. We have a blast! This past weekend I took some video, and I’ve just uploaded them!

Last week, we had a great turnout. Many Miata’s, Elise’s, Exige’s, Forester’s, WRX’s, RX-8’s, 350Z’s, 240SX’s… just to name a few.

Enjoy the video’s! (If you can, watch it in High Quality mode, looks way better!)


– Richie L