Time for Spring Cleaning!

29 03 2008

Oh man, where to begin. Even though this cold Chicago winter has not yet let up, it’s time to start cleaning up around the house.

My “new” bedroom is in shambles. It used to be my Grandma’s room, then guest room, and then an impromptu storage closet for all the other crap we didn’t want in the other rooms! I had been sleeping on a foam mattress for 4 years, and I decided that I needed a real bed again.

This new room is full of old furniture from when I was a kid, and a lot of stuff from my sister. Knockoff Louis Vuitton purses, hats, books, and weirdest of all… a huge bag full of underwear. Right now, I kind of have it so that one half the room is mine, while the other remains messy. I need to clean up both sides… sigh.

Cleaning, rewarding in the end, but annoying during.