Chicago-Area… get you cheap eats on 012709!

26 01 2009

Get your cheap eat on!

I’ll let the flier speak for itself…

btw, that says, “limit 5 per customer.”

Don’t know if other locales are doing it… I’d call and ask to be sure.

Culvers is the dopeness. They’re butterburgers are delicious, and for a dolla? Hells to the yeah!


18 01 2009

I can’t believe how fast the lame-duck period came and went. A historical day is upon us and I’m excited to see what President Obama can do for us in one of our country’s most troubled times.

Right now i’m watching snl’s presidential bash 2008 and it finally hit me that Bush’s 8 years are almost “officially” over. I look forward to a prosperous 4 years.