Bulls/Celtics Series – Retrospect

2 05 2009

What a great series. So many ups and downs, most games decided in the last second….

In this bloggers humble opinion, it was THE BEST playoff series he’s ever witnessed.

Even though the Bulls lost, it was a hard fight, and it showed that as a team, they are growing. They were hungry, but sadly, not hungry enough.

To anyone still sour, remember, we took the DEFENDING WORLD CHAMPIONS to 7 games, the limit, to 7 overtime periods.

What a great experience for the still young Chicago Bulls. There’s only one place to go from here…. Conference Semi-Finals 2010. (at least)

Live-Blogging Game 6 Bulls/Celtics (Triple Overtime)

30 04 2009

9:40pm CST – Triple Overtime? Is this a Bulls strategy? Wear out the old Celtics?

9:42pm CST – Davis and Pierce w/ 5 fouls each… get them out of here!

9:43pm CST – Bulls get the tip…. D-Rose w/ a jumper.

9:44pm CST – Jeez… I hope my laptop’s battery doesn’t run out.

9:44pm CST – Bulls turnover…. just take it up!

9:46pm CST – Celtics turnover!… Kirk misses the free throw.

9:47pm CST – Rose misses the J. DRIVE THE BALL!!!

9:48pm CST – Tied again…

9:49pm CST – NO MORE J’s! They aren’t working… Travel on the Celtics…

9:51pm CST – Plugged in the laptop…. Sloppy… getting tired.

9:52pm CST – NOAH WITH THE DUNK!!!! Pierce fouls out!!!

9:52pm CST – Noah rocks the 3 point play… epic win.

9:55pm CST – This game is CRAZY!

9:55pm CST – Celtics with the long 2… Bulls with a 20 second time out.

9:57pm CST – Big Baby fouls out… hell yeah. B. Miller takes one for the team.

9:58pm CST -B-Rad Miller sinks them both.

10:00pm CST – 127 128 Bulls. Still an eternity left.

10:01pm CST – Hinrich missed the easy layup… 😦

10:02pm CST – My heart is pumping crazy-style… i need some meds.


10:04pm CST – Rose bricks the 1st one…. and 2…

10:05pm CST – BULLSSSSS WIINNNNNNN!!!!!!! 127-128

here it is, game 7, here we come.

HOLY CRAP, this game started 4 hours ago.

btw, i feel sorry for any fans of any other teams in the playoffs that had to wait until the bulls/celtics finished. lol.

Live-Blogging Game 6 Bulls/Celtics (Double Overtime)

30 04 2009

9:14pm CST – 109 all.

9:15pm CST – Young Bulls > Old Celtics

9:17pm CST – Fishy draws the foul from Pierce (his 5th). Fishy drains both.

9:18pm CST – Ray Allen misses the 3. But Big Baby is steppin up. 😦


9:19pm CST – Celts w/ the 24 second violation.

9:20pm CST – Loose Ball Foul on Perkins… he’s out.

9:21pm CST – SALMONS FOR THE LAYUP…. best trade we ever made.

9:23pm CST – 52 points in the paint from the Bulls. yeah.

9:24pm CST – Anyone notice Fish Stick’s resemblance to Wesley Snipes?

9:24pm CST – Ray Allen looses the ball!

9:25pm CST – Hahahahahah, the Celtics are tired. OLD AND TIRED! Their shots won’t drop!

9:27pm CST – Bulls need to score on this possession.

9:28pm CST – Wesley Snipes misses the trey! 😦

9:30pm CST –  Ray Allen, for the long 2… fack.

9:32pm CST – “keep on running it back guys, they’re looking at our monitor.”-Stacy King – come on, it was on the line!

9:34pm CST – Brad Miller gets fouled. Don’t let me down.

9:35pm CST – Brad Miller fouled again. Glen Davis w/ 5 fouls… And B.Miller sinks ’em both.

9:37pm CST – Salmons w/ his 3rd foul…

9:38pm CST -Ray Allen for the 3… again. “Are you kidding me???”– Neil Funk

9:38pm CST – All tied up, 118 all. 7 seconds left…. Bulls have a shot.

9:39pm CST – Holy Crap… Triple overtime.

Live-Blogging Game 6 Bulls/Celtics (Overtime)

30 04 2009

Overtime? Again?

8:55pm CST – Bulls get the OT tip off.

8:56pm CST – Fish Sticks drove to the hole, and got 2. See how easy it is?

8:57pm CST – Step it up Bulls, STEP IT UP!

8:59pm CST – Pierce with the foul… Miller comes up BIG!

9:00pm CST – Brad Miller, all is forgiven for game 5.

9:02pm CST – DAMMIT! Ben Gordon fouled out. Paul Pierce w/ 2 shots.

9:03pm CST – I said, “NO MORE JUMPERS!!!”

9:04pm CST – Tie…again.

9:05pm CST – D.Rose, come on, no more stupid turnovers. T/O Celtics.

9:07pm CST – 43 seconds left in OT… Lets go Bulls.

9:08pm CST -20 second T/O Celtics… part of their game?

9:09pm CST – Glen Davis with a big 2 for the Celtics. 😦


9:12pm CST – Fish Sticks knows how to drive.

9:13pm CSt – Double overtime. 2nd time in the series.

Live-Blogging Game 6 Bulls/Celtics (4th Quarter)

30 04 2009

8:12pm CST – 1 quarter away Bulls, 1 quarter away…

8:15pm CST – Miller travelling… come on man!

8:15pm CST – Miller got his swag back! 3 point play!

8:15pm CST – Bulls up by 10… Alley Oop… by 12! and a foul!

8:17pm CST – Tyrus Thomas with a DUNK! and Celts take a T/O.

8:22pm CST – Perkins for 2… Perkins draws #4 on Tyrus.

8:23pm CST – Keep that lead up Bulls… keep it up.

8:24pm CST – B.Miller w/ his 4th foul. If you’re gonna do it, do it HARD.

8:25pm CST – Celtics on a 10-3 run… Bulls w/ a timeout.

8:29pm CST – DE-FENSE!

8:30pm CST – Come on Bulls, don’t fall apart now… Tied at 91. 57th tie of the series.

8:33pm CST- 4th turnover of the quarter? come on!

8:34pm CST – 5th foul on Gordon 😦 We can’t lose him… and now a T.

8:36pm CST- 18 unanswered points by the Celts 😦

8:39pm CST – It ain’f fallin w/ the J. Go INSIDE!

8:39pm CST – Hard foul on Rondo by B.Miller (his 5th)

8:40pm CST – Rondo missed both… and D-Rose w/ the layup!

8:41pm CST – See what happens when you go to the hole?!?!?!?!?

8:44pm CST – Fish Sticks w/ the 3 point play… 3 point game.

8:45pm CST – Drive Fish Sticks! Don’t jump!

8:46pm CST – B.Miller with a HUGE 3!


8:47pm CST – Brad Miller, he’s taking it up a notch.

8:49pm CST – We need some good D… Don’t let me down.

8:50pm CST – 101-101… 4 seconds left. BULLS BALL!

8:52pm CST – TAKE IT TO THE HOLE!!!!! … WTF B.G. You should’ve driven the ball!

8:53pm CST – 4th overtime in 6 games. most exciting series ever.

Live-Blogging Game 6 Bulls/Celtics (3rd Quarter)

30 04 2009

Continuation of Game 6’s Live-Blog.

7:26pm CST – Half Time… Pee Break…

7:42pm CST – Starting 2nd Half… Bos. Chi. Bost…. Chicago, Gordon w/ the 3!

7:44pm CST – Perkin’s w/ a dunk… lame.

7:45pm CST – Paul Pierce nose bleed.

7:46pm CST – Perkins sinks both free throws… Paul Pierce got taken to the locker room…

7:47pm CST – Rondo picks up a foul to rousing applause.

7:49pm CST – Tyrus Thomas w/ a drive to the basket!

7:50pm CST – Defensive 3 seconds on the Bulls 😦

7:51pm CST – Celtics w/ the shotclock violation! There’s the D.

7:52pm CST – Noah w/ an inside 2… Alley Ooop Celtics ugh… Noah w/ another inside 2.

7:53pm CST – Ray Allen air ball… muahaha. Celtics up by 1. 71-70.

7:56pm CST – Ray Allen denied the drive.

7:58pm CST – Tyrus w/ 4 fouls… benched for now.

7:59pm CST – Fish Stick’s w/ the 3 for 21 pts!

8:00pm CST – B.Miller w/ the open 2.

8:05pm CST – Traveling on Paul Pierce! Bulls coming up hard with that defense!

8:06pm CST – B.Miller sinks the 3. 4 of 4 shots… And then Cap’n Kirk for another 3!

8:07pm CST – Pierce misses the 1st free throw. Sinks the 2nd.

8:08pm CST – Noah w/ a big rebound… B.G goes down. 4th foul on Rondo.

8:09pm CST – Chicago ball w/ 5 seconds left.

8:10pm CST – Hinrich w/ the long 3 attempt… no dice. 76-83 Bulls. End of the 3rd.

Mad Swagger.

Mad Swagger.

Live-Blogging Game 6 Bulls/Celtics (1st Half)

30 04 2009

I just decided to live-blog this game…

BTW, I love how the Bulls fans boo Rondo everytime he gets the ball.

6:15pm CST – Bulls are dribbling the ball too much, tied up a 9 a piece. I’m glad the refs are calling shit this time tho….

6:17pm CST – D-Rose at the line for the 2nd time this game… Drains both.

6:18pm CST – Noah w/ 2 fouls already!!! WTF. Brad Miller in with applause. lol.

6:19pm CST – Brad Miller foul?!?!

6:20pm CST – Rondo w/ the easy layup…. D-Rose answering with the trey!!! Boston turnover! T/O Chicago.

6:22pm CST – “amazing” by Kanye West playing during NBA commercial… That song perfectly describes this series… 3 O/T’s? more than 80 lead changes? Yeah, amazing.

6:24pm CST – Back to action. Salmon’s with a 3!

6:25 pm CST – Big Baby fouls, gets replaced with the only guy on the Celtics who looks like one (white Irish Guy)

6:26pm CST – D-Rose for 2! Boston T/O. Time for commercial.

6:30pm CST – Finally, not letting Boston in the lane… Pierce sinks both, eww.

6:31pm CST – Fish Sticks with the tough 2! Guy can’t miss…. Paul Pierce for another 2, eww.

6:32pm CST – Cap’n Kirk is in!

6:33pm CST – Fish Sticks w/ the 3 point play!! … Thomas w/ the 2!

6:34pm CST – I think B.Miller is angry… 2nd offensive foul.

6:35pm CST – LMAO, my dad just said that Scalabrini looks like Will Ferrell in Semi-Pro…

6:36pm CST – Fish Sticks = player of the game so far.

6:36pm CST – WTF?!?! Offensive on Gordon?

6:37pm CST – Hinrich with the foul? … Noah w/ the F-Bomb on the bench.

6:38pm CST – Cap’n Kirk w/ the 2! Rondo and Kirk getting at it…. daaaannnngggggg.


6:41pm CST – Doc is pissed at Rondo…. crowd chanting “RONDOS OUT”

6:42pm CST – Still conferring……………….. Doc and Del Negro w/ the Refs.

6:42pm CST – Yes!!! Flagrant on Rondo… Technical on Kirk for retaliation… boo.

6:44pm CST – That’s right, bench that ass-hat Rondo.

6:45pm CST – This is gonna be a game full of whistles…. D-Rose sinks 2… end of 1st QT.

6:46pm CST – 26-37 Bulls at the end of the 1st. Fish Sticks with 16 points, hell yeah.

6:49pm CST – Start of 2. Kirk w/ 2!

6:52pm CST – Crap. Bulls turnover…. UGH! Don’t let them drive!

6:53pm CST – Gordon, 1 of 2 this trip to the line…

6:54pm CST – Good block Hinrich… 6 Turnovers Bulls??? C’Mon!

6:55pm CST – Tyrus gets fouled… and commercial.

6:58pm CST – Tyrus w/ the offensive foul…

6:59pm CST – Hinrich w/ the foul… Hinrich and Thomas benched…

7:01pm CST – Rose w/ the big 2… and Gordon w/ 2.

7:02pm CST – Rondo 0/3 lol. Rose w/ another 2! Celtics timeout… hahaha 🙂

7:05pm CST – Brad Miller got a Technical!?!?!?! For what?!?!?!

7:06pm CST – We gotta hold Ray Allen’s points… already has 22 points wtf.

7:08pm CST – Gordon w/ the over-dribble.

7:08pm CST – Celtics w/ the 8-0 run… and it’s a 2 point game.

7:09pm CST – Where’s the D, Chicago?

7:10pm CST – 50 all… Where did that 13 point lead go?

7:14pm CST – At least the bulls are shooting 61% vs the Celt’s 49%.

7:15pm CST – BIG 2 by Rose!

7:16pm CST – Paul Pierce with the foul… Lindsey Hunter sinks 1 of 2.

7:17pm CST – Ray Allen again? 29 pts.

7:18pm CST – Big Baby pile drove into Kirk… 3rd foul… you know what this means? Bulls need to drive to the hole.

7:19pm CST – D Rose with a HUGE 2. T/O Celtics… With 15.4 seconds left in the half.

7:21pm CST – Hunter fouled Paul Pierce w/ .02 left.

7:22pm CST – Pierce sinks 2. End of the 1st half. 57-59 Bulls.