Lack of posts.

14 04 2010

Sorry for the lack of posts folks. Big things have been happening. Been busy, busy, busy at the grind.

Updates to come!

I’d Like to Thank McDonalds and Einstein Bros. for my free breakfast this morning.

28 01 2010

Free Mocha Latte (I got a free coupon in the mail for being a Discover Card user), and Free Asiago Bagel with Lox Schmear.

It was delicious. That is all.

Merry Christmas.

25 12 2009

What a year it’s been for my family. There have been many reasons for the lack of blog posts as of late, but a lot of it has had to do with what’s been going on in my personal life.

To those who can, have a very happy holidays. Cherish the time that you have with those you are with, those you are around. Before you know it, they may be gone.

Super pumped for GLDrift.

19 10 2009

I’ll be driving this thing. Pics and vids will be posted after the event!

My Cash 4 Clunker Approved!

24 09 2009
party wagon says goodbye to party van.

party wagon says goodbye to party van.

Yeah, so I just get a call yesterday from the car dealership that the car I bought in late July finally got approved for the Cash 4 Clunkers rebate.

I guess that’s nice? The car’s only seen 1000 miles thus far. Been riding my motorcycle too much!

I love college

9 09 2009

Random chick in my religion class. She has pink panties. Enough said.

Nice Shirt 16

26 08 2009

Plaid now? WTF? Step it up teach!