Tako Chips – Octopus Flavored

25 05 2009

It tastes weird. Not too heavy on the octopus,Β  but it’s sweet. Awkward… Only for the brave (or asian).


$1 Flip Flops. Old Navy. Get Some.

23 05 2009

Today only, all solid-colored flip flops at Old Navy are $1 (+tax). Only valid at the B&M locations (not online).

This is dope. I love these things. Good to wear around the house, and it keeps me grounded to my Pinoy roots… especially now that they’re on sale for $1 each. I’ll buy a few pairs.

Although the question remains… Is even $1 worth a lifetime of sprained ankles?

All signs point to ‘yes.’



Epic Boredom.

22 05 2009

Friday night, home from work, I don’t want to stay home.


Warm-weather blues

21 05 2009

There are mainly 3 things that annoy me during the late-spring/summer time.

  1. Allergies. – Mine are only seasonal, but they suck.
  2. Getting “too hot” – Is a 74* dry heat w/ breeze too much to ask?
  3. My bedroom – Ventilation sucks to my room, so it gets hella hot in there. I have fans and such… but it’s not as good as some delicious A/C

Transformers USB Flash Drive = Epic Win

19 05 2009

This is cool. Highly reccomended.


Dang, pre-orders are already sold out.

Shrimp Snacks – Original Flavor

18 05 2009

Shrimpy, but no too shrimpy. Good crunch and tastes good with a Coke. Highly recommended.


My Brute

16 05 2009

My Brute is a fun game. You create a a character and go and pick fights with other brutes. Fights are automated, but they’re entertaining and waste time while at work or school…

Highly Recommended.

Join here: http://rcl1221.mybrute.com

My Brute

My Brute