Nice Shirt 17

31 08 2009

It looks like a grey poinsetta today. Interesting…

Nice Shirt 16

26 08 2009

Plaid now? WTF? Step it up teach!

Cash for Clunkers ends in 59 Minutes!

24 08 2009

It’s been a good run. 3 billion dollars.

I got my piece of the pie (almost been a month now). Full post on my C4C story coming soon.

Nice Shirt 15 (itttttssss baaacckkk!)

24 08 2009

Yep. I am taking another class with this professor! I will have 16 weeks full of awesome. I look forward to the new slew of shirts and this coming semester.

Summer ’09 Comes to an End

24 08 2009

I will expand on my original tweet of this.

I bid a fond farewell to the Summer of 2009. We had a great ride. We had good times, and we had great times. As fast as you came into my life, you’re taken away. You are now gone. On the brighter side, I look forward to meeting your younger sister next year.

We must maximize this:
coderedfc by Kit Fox
CodeRedFC on his 636 by Kit Fox.

Although “summer” might be over, good riding/driving weather, and general outdoor weather, seems to be better now in the Chi. I will be soaking it allllll up as long as I can because before we know it, it’s going to be butt cold again.

Jackie Chan is Ridiculous

22 08 2009

Get some anti-virus?

6 Year Old Parallel Parks with Style

19 08 2009

Too awesome for words.