Spaghetti with Hot Dogs: A Filipino Party Staple

7 06 2009

So weird, but soooooooo good. It tastes completely different from traditional Spaghetti… Sweeter, less tomatoey, and full of that Oscar Meyer awesome!

I’m posting this from the party by the way.

The pic is from the shindig, and I know it’s technically mosticolli…


Lotte Pepero Almond

1 06 2009

Almondy, chocolatey, breadstick-ey, crunchy, soft… delicious.

Kinda like Pocky, but this is better. HANDS DOWN.

Yesterday, I ate for free!

30 04 2009

Domino’s Pizza had free pasta bread bowls yesterday from 11am – 2pm. I got out of work early and had one of my homies pick me up from work, and we hit up not one, but two Dominos’ for a total of four pasta bread bowls.

It was hot on my lap.

It was hot on my lap.

Before you say it, we’re not huge fat-asses… I couldn’t finish one pasta bowl, and neither could my friend. And as I type this, there is still one sitting in my fridge at home.

It was pretty good.

It was pretty good.


It was delicious but I wouldn’t pay $5.99 for one… but then again, I’m hella cheap.

For dessert later that night, me and the boys enjoyed some 31-cent Baskin Robbins… Good shizzz. (how is 31 cents free you ask? i drove my buddy there, so he paid… whoo!).

Haiku to Dave Thomas.

28 04 2009

Wendy’s is tasty.

Dave Thomas was a genius.

Value menu rules.

Kosher for Passover Coca-Cola!

15 04 2009

It’s magical.

I heard about it earlier this year on a couple of food blogs, and I had to try it out for myself.

During Passover, Jews cannot have anything leaven, including corn products. As such, the Coca-Cola company produces a small batch of Coke with the “Original Formula.” aka Sugar instead of HFCS. It tastes so much better. The Kosher Coke doesn’t stick to the back of your throat like HFCS Coke, it’s lighter, more refreshing, and you can drink less and feel more satiated.

This magical elixir only shows up but once a year, and only in communities with a high concentration of Jewish peoples. Since I live in the North Shore of Chicagoland, many grocery stores have this decadent potion.
Kosher Coke!
There are a couple of things to look for when you want to purchase the “right stuff.” Check if your grocery has a Kosher section, if so it would most likely be there. On the bottle itself, there will be a couple tells. The cap will be yellow and will have the “cRc” stamp meaning that it is Kosher, and if you look at the ingredients, instead of “High Fructose Lame Syrup” it will say “Sucrose” aka sugar! This year it seems that they only come in the 2 liter variety.

I think I have enough stock to last me for a few months. 10 2 liter bottles of Kosher coke, and 2 2 liter bottles of Kosher Pepsi for good measure.

I don’t think I’ll be going back to the High Failtown Corn Suckass version.